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If you decide to be our client, we hope that you will be a client for the rest of your life.

We named our company Marathon Financial because we are in this for the long run. We want to be present with you in transition times like new jobs, growing your family, sending kids to college, and retirement. We also want to be engaged with you during the years when it feels like nothing much has changed. We tailor our advice to be relevant for the stage of life you are in now while helping build toward your long-term goals.

To train for a marathon, athletes exert a lot of individual efforts consistently over a long period of time to build their capacity to get to the finish line. They use time-tested methods to increase their fitness in support of their goals. In a similar way, the habits we build (like adding to retirement accounts through both economic ups and downs and paying down debts) serve our financial goals in much the same way. And just as athletes generally perform better with good coaching, having a good financial coach will help you stick to a plan, use time-tested principles, and make appropriate adjustments along the path to your goals.

No doubt you have noticed that life often gets in the way of good plans. Some changes, like taking a better job, are positive. But other changes, like getting laid off, can present difficulties. When a life change happens, an adjustment may be needed in your savings and investment actions. This highlights why we check in with all our clients at least annually.