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At Marathon Financial Services, we find success when our clients have success.

Our financial health is directly tied to your financial health. We want you to reach your long-term goals, and that usually means building up the accounts that we manage for you. In most cases, our fees are based on the amount of money in clients’ accounts, so we are just as motivated by seeing them grow over the long run as you are.

That being said, sometimes the most beneficial thing for you might be to do something that does not add to your accounts with us. For example, paying down a debt more quickly can save you money on the overall interest paid, or adding to your company retirement plan might be of more benefit than adding to an account with us. As your advisors, we work hard to make sure you are doing what is in your best interest even if we get paid less.

Many times, our most meaningful conversations are about things other than investments and financial planning. We are happy to be a sounding board for other aspects of clients’ lives. From looking at whether refinancing a mortgage makes sense to discussions with small business owners about succession planning or how much support is reasonable to give to adult children. Having talked to many people about these issues, we can offer objective insight into your issues and may be able to help you come up with solutions or options that are helpful.