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 While everyone’s specific relationship with money is unique, there are a few guiding principles that will apply to nearly all situations. The following list represents ten of the most relevant pieces of advice that we suggest. These principles are informed by our experience managing our clients’ finances.

-          Spend less than you earn.

-          Build a resiliency fund with cash.

-          Be cautious with debt. It is better to earn interest than to pay interest.

-          Start investing early and allow compounding growth to work in your favor. But remember—it is never too late to start.

-          Automate your investments and debt reduction.

-          When you get a raise, give your retirement a raise. Build towards maxing out your retirement accounts.

-          Invest through all market cycles—ups and downs. Time in the market is more important than timing the market.

-          Diversify your investments.

-          Buy based on quality and endurance rather than style.

-          Give generously to your community.