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·       First contact: An initial meeting includes a discussion of your goals and a review of your finances. But, perhaps most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to get to know each other. After our initial meeting, our team will draft a plan for you that includes investment proposals and action steps. We’ll present our plan during a follow-up strategy meeting.

Our hope is that anyone who becomes a client will remain a client for life, so we encourage you to take your time, ask questions and make a well-informed decision. We do not charge for initial meetings.

·       Onboarding process: When you’re ready to become a client, we’ll establish accounts and get you set up with access to Adviceworks, our online portal for viewing your accounts. We’ll schedule a statement review meeting so we can walk you through accessing and reading your monthly statements.

·       Annual meetings: Financial plans are not static documents and are made to grow and adapt to your life events. We will meet at least annually to update your financial plan and review your progress, including your investments.

·       Life is what happens to you while you’re busy doing other things. Sometimes things come up that do not line up with a scheduled meeting. Reach out to us when that happens—we are here to assist you along your way.