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We think like marathoners.

We build portfolios that are designed to weather the storms of the stock market. It is normal for the stock market to rise and fall on a regular basis, so we are not surprised when that happens. Since we expect volatility, we do not get too worried by the downs or too excited about the ups. We pick mutual fund managers based on their long-term track records through the market cycles. We base our investment habits on time-honored practices of diversification, rebalancing, dollar cost averaging, and compounding of returns.

Building positive financial habits is vital to meeting long-term goals. Investing consistently over many years is at least as important as picking good investments. Accordingly, a big aspect of building enough assets to meet your goals comes from the actions you take as an investor. We are here to help you decide what actions will work well for you and help you move closer to your goals.

Investments in securities do not offer a fix rate of return. Principal, yield and/or share price will fluctuate with changes in market conditions and, when sold or redeemed, you may receive more or less than originally invested.  No system or financial planning strategy can guarantee future results.