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Goals are important at every stage of life, and goals can change significantly as we move through life.

At Marathon, we want to work with you no matter what stage of life you are in. You may be starting your first job and need to know how to get off on the right foot. Or maybe you’re getting married, buying a house, or starting a family and are wondering how to best prioritize your finances. Maybe you are changing jobs or getting a promotion and are unsure of how best to use your increased income. Perhaps you are approaching an empty nest or nearing retirement and wondering if you have enough set aside to live the life you want. Maybe you’re already retired and want to be sure that your funds will last longer than you do.

No matter where you’re at today, it helps to have a good coach who understands your goals, can assess the effectiveness of your plans, and can help you modify your actions and keep you moving forward. And as you complete some goals or move into a new stage of life, we partner with you to make any needed adjustments to help you reach the next set of goals.