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Nathan Thomas

Nathan Thomas

Investment Advisor Representative

Nathan graduated from Kent State University in Spring 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Nathan worked at Kent State University until he and his wife Katy moved to Bandung, Indonesia, and lived there from September 2019 until June 2021. While in Bandung, Nathan and Katy spent time teaching English and learning about Indonesian culture. They learned some of the Indonesian language and continue practicing their Indonesian language skills at home. They have YouTube videos that document their experiences.

Nathan and Katy paid off over $85,000 in debt, mostly from student loans, during their first three years of marriage. Nathan’s interest in financial planning, budgeting, and money management grew out of that experience. Nathan is passionate about seeing people get started with healthy financial habits as early as possible.

Now Nathan and Katy live in Kent with their cat Elijah Tofu, who they picked up as a stray in Indonesia. In his spare time, Nathan enjoys riding his motorcycle, running, playing tennis with Katy, and hanging out in coffee shops. Nathan joined the Marathon Financial team in June 2021.