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Any athletic endeavor involves rigorous training in order to prepare for the demands of the challenge. Running in particular demands different types of preparation for different types of races. Sprints rely heavily on short-term bursts of speed, whereas marathons rely heavily on pace and sustainability. Anyone managing his/her own finances knows that his/her financial outlook is likened more to a marathon than to a sprint.

Here at Marathon Financial Services we help people prepare for their fiscal marathon. Whether you want to travel the globe during your retirement or you want to save money for a child’s education, planning for the long run is essential. Applying sound principles of investing consistently over time may help you reach your goals. Just as a coach prepares a runner for his race, Marathon Financial Services coaches clients with professional planning and management in order to help them realize their goals.

Marathon Financial Services presently works with…

  • Individuals/Families
  • Small Businesses
  • School systems
  • Non-Profit Organizations

Meet Our Advisor:

J. Paul Organ CFP®

Financial Advisor

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